2010 Tucson Comic Con

On November 6th, the 3rd Annual Tucson Comic Con was held. It was held at The Hotel Tucson, though next year it is due to be moved to the Tucson Convention Center.

Wild Wild West Con Players

Not only was this the 3rd year of the Convention, it was my first time attending anything like it. I was preparing myself for the big Comic Con in San Diego. My wife and I are planning on attending, if we can ever get tickets.

Hit Girl

On the advice of an excellent photographer who shoots at the San Diego Comic Con, I needed to practice. That’s the main reason I wanted to go to the local event.  While I do need to improve, I think I did a fair job this time around.

Dirty Storm Trooper

One of the things I learned is that I need to be more aware of my background. For example, I took a picture of a vendor (not posted), but if I had been more aware, I would have improved the shot instantly. In this case, if I had moved four or five feet, I would have gotten her banner in the shot and would have been a better background. In other cases, though, I don’t think there was much I could have done much, due to the limitations of the event.

Arizona Avenger

Another thing I need to do is aim lower. There were quite a few shots with a lot of space above the head. Since the convention, I have been working to prevent that. While I’m not perfect, I have noticed that my framing has improved. However, this is a case where I wonder if a different camera would make a difference. I don’t expect a better camera to work magic, but I think a brighter viewfinder would help me see my autofocus points (which I find quite helpful for proper framing).

Bounty Hunters and Slaves

So, I’m looking forward to the San Diego Comic Con. I think it will be fun, though also a challenge since I’ll have four days of shooting to do.

Arizona Avengers

I want to thank a couple of the formal groups there for their patience with me: Arizona Avengers, the Dune Sea Garrison, the Mos Eisley Base, the Arizona Ghostbusters, and any others I missed. I’ll be seeing you next year!

Bounty Hunter

Storm Trooper

The Empire

Sand Person

Who you gonna call?


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