Give Me a Name

Should I get business cards? This is a question that I’ve been pondering for a while now. On one hand, I still consider myself to be an amateur. On the other hand, I am always looking for more opportunities to practice so that I can become a professional. This is why I’m leaning towards getting some cards made, so I can hand them out to pick up any opportunities I might receive. I actually lost an opportunity when I was approached the other day while I was shooting my friends.

The question of getting some made has also made me think about other business related things. The first would be money. I don’t mind collecting a small amount of money for my time, even as an amateur. I’m thinking only about $20 or so for the actual shoot and then only charging the cost to have the photos printed. At some point, I know I could start charging more but how will I know when I’m ready for that? Also, at what point would the state start to question why I’m selling my services without a business license? I also know there are a lot of other questions I’m going to run into regarding starting my own business (insurance and such). Fortunately, I have a few people I’m close to who have run their own businesses who can give me advice.

Even without running a full business, I was thinking it would be a good idea to have a business card for “promotional” purposes. A few weeks ago, I attended our local Comic Con here in Tucson. There were a few formal groups there who all dressed according to a theme. While I was shooting one of the groups, one of them asked me if I had a business card. I assumed it would be so they could find the photos I took later. That was actually what got me thinking of getting business cards in the first place, so I could direct people to my work. That is also why I want to get some.

If I were to get business cards made, there is one question I have to answer before I can proceed. I need a name to shoot under. I’d rather not shoot under my own name, at least as far as portraits and such go, so I’ve been spending weeks racking my brain for ideas. Originally, I thought of Europa Studio Photography but that received a lukewarm  reception. I spent more time brainstorming and this is what I came up with:

  • Burning Candle Photography
  • Stellar Wind Photography
  • Solar Wind Photography
  • Comet’s Tail Photography
  • Cosmic Breeze Photography

I could use feedback on any of these names or other suggestions. Please let me know in the comments or by letting me know on Twitter or Facebook. Thanks!


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