My First Photoshoot!

© 2010 Erik Hawkinson

Today, I had my first ever photoshoot with my good friend Allen and his girlfriend, Christine. They were a pleasure to shoot. I didn’t know Christine that well, having only met her a couple of times before today and, even then, it was only briefly. In a way, that actually made it easier for me. Normally, I’m a shy guy around people I don’t know very well. This is something that holding a camera seems to alleviate quite a bit. I was concerned that I would have a hard time engaging them, getting them used to being in front of a camera.

© 2010 Erik Hawkinson

I don’t know if it helped, but once we met up and reached the first spot I wanted to shoot at, I started asking them questions. Some of them, I already knew the answer to because Allen had told me, but it got Christine talking and I think it probably distracted Allen as well. I got quite a few shots that I was happy with.

© 2010 Erik Hawkinson

The reason for taking the pictures was actually for a Christmas card. The way it came about was I had approached Allen and offered to shoot him and Christine. I wanted the practice and I needed someone besides family. By pure coincidence, they had been planning on getting some Christmas pictures taken this year. Since I offered them the excellent price of $free, they took me up on it. While the photos aren’t exactly Christmas themed, it’s hard to find snow and/or evergreens in November in Tucson.

© 2010 Erik Hawkinson

Instead, I decided to treat the shoot like an engagement shoot. Since I know Allen well, I know (and she does too, so I’m not spoiling anything) that they are planning on getting married sometime in the future. This posed some more serious challenges to me since I wanted to capture their feelings for each other, but my worries were not necessary, they displayed their affections for each other openly. This made my job quite easy. I didn’t need to give them many directions. I guided them to the locations and I asked Allen for a couple of expressions (since he’s a goofball and I wanted some serious shots). The only pose I actually asked of them was to hold a kiss for a couple of seconds so I could ensure I had a shot. As you can see above, this worked quite well.

© 2010 Erik Hawkinson

I know that when the time comes for them to have an actual engagement session, they will get excellent results. I told them that and I hope they believed me, because it’s definitely the truth. Their personalities and love for each other really shined in all of the photographs I took. I look forward to going to their wedding.

© 2010 Erik Hawkinson

They were an excellent first couple to photograph. They were easy going and the whole shoot took about 45 minutes to an hour. Still, there were a couple of lessons that I learned from this. First, I need to pick a better time. Ideally, I should have done the shoot later in the day. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do that because of having to also arrange a babysitter. Instead, I chose the morning. Since most of the shots were in the shade, this wasn’t much of an issue but I need to pick some of my spots better based on the time of day. My first location had overexposed backgrounds but I still managed to get some good shots. Lastly, I probably need to learn to say, “hold that” so I get less blur. Overall, I think I did a good job on my first try, but I’m always open to feedback.

© 2010 Erik Hawkinson

Overall, they have an excellent future ahead of them. As for myself, I have things to learn but I certainly hope I’m on my way.


One thought on “My First Photoshoot!

  1. A very nice start to your new blog!

    P.S. My favorite shot is the next to last picture (#6 of 7) – has a fun, spontaneous feel and the background color is very complimentary. 😀

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